Required OSHA Compliance
Materials for Your Office

Audit Checklist

OSHA Compliance and Infection Control Program

The comprehensive OSHA Compliance and Infection Control Program covers all aspects of the Occupational Safety and Health Act as well as the CDC Infection Control Guidelines.

Complete Program includes:

  • Complete written training manual with all required documents
  • Complete Infection Control Program as outlined by the CDC
  • Required written Exposure Control Plan
  • Required written Hazard Communication Plan
  • TB Compliance Program
  • Workplace Violence Program
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Compliance
  • Sexual harassment policy requirements
  • Comprehensive online training program for doctor and staff
  • 3 CEUs for 3 individuals after exam completion (Dental Clients Only)
  • Assistance with OSHA Inspections
  • Toll-Free telephone and online technical support
  • GHS Hazardous materials wall chart
  • Required Labor Law Poster
  • Upgrade Service (1 year)
  • Required product labels which includes:
    • 40 – 2.5” x 2.5” GHS labels
    • 8 – 4” x 4” GHS labels
    • 20 – 2” x 2” Biohazard labels
    • 10 – 4” x 4” Biohazard labels
    • 5 – 1.5” x 4” Radiation labels

Master Spill Kit

This kit combines all of the Biological, Chemical and Mercury Spill Kit Materials.

The complete kit includes:

  • BioSponge® powder
  • ChemSponge® powder
  • MercSponge® powder
  • 1 Mercury magnet
  • 1 Mercury scrubber
  • 1 Pair reusable nitrile gloves
  • 1 Pair safety goggles
  • 1 Scooper and pan
  • 3 Masks
  • 5 Biohazard warning labels
  • 3 Red bags for disposal of biological waste
  • 3 black bags for disposal of chemical waste

Nitrous Oxide Monitor

Nitrous oxide levels should be maintained below a time weighted average (TWA) of 25 ppm in operating rooms and 50 ppm in dental treatment areas, according to OSHA regulations,and monitoring is recommended at least quarterly according to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health). This service provides accurate, and affordable results and includes a mail-in envelope for sending monitor to our certified lab for analysis.

*No returns on Nitrous Oxide Monitors

X-RAY Monitoring Service

Experts agree that there is no safe level of radiation and even the smallest dose may cause cancer or genetic damage. Any healthcare facility may be exposing staff to unsafe levels of radiation. That’s why accurately measuring and recording radiation exposure over the long term is important for your employees and your practice. The Landauer Luxel Plus with state-of-the-art Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology, has the highest sensitivity available today — 10 times the sensitivity of competitive dosimeters!

*No Returns on XRAY Monitors

Features include:

  • Fastest reporting in the industry-five day average turnaround
  • A lifetime exposure record is archived for safekeeping
  • Personalized badges
  • Web-based reporting
  • Automatic renewal program
  • Protects pregnant workers

Dispose-Alloy™ Tooth Disposal System

Proper disposal of extracted teeth poses a problem for most dental practices. The CTP Tooth Disposal System consists of a half-gallon container that includes return and disposal at our EPA approved facility. The system allows for compliance with states’ regulated waste disposal laws and ADA best practices.

*No returns on Tooth Disposal System

Aquasafe® Dental Unit Waterline Testing System

The Importance of Testing Your Dental Unit Water
At Compliance Training Partners, we feel that quarterly testing of your dental unit water is a must. Why? All major equipment manufacturers recommend it and the CDC states that manufacturers recommendations must be followed. In addition the ADA recommends routine testing as does the EPA and OSAP. Not only is it truly the right thing to do, it is necessary to protect your business from liability. With the CDC stating that levels of bacteria must be below 500 Colony forming units (CFU) and the ADA saying they must be below 200 CFUs, it is important that you know the number of CFUs for each of your operatories.

*No Returns on the Tooth Disposal System

This easy-to use kit provides in-office results and describes how to resolve a poor reading. In addition, the
kit provides assistance with establishing systems for continued compliance.

Features include:

  • In-office reporting
  • Helps to meet CDC Guidelines
  • Protects patients

Aquasafe® Evacuation System Cleaner

A bacterial-based cleaner which is safe for equipment, the environment and staff.

  • Bacterial-based cleaner provides residual over-night debris removal from cuspidor drains and suction systems
  • Works under all conditions, even in cold water
  • Neutral PH, safe for amalgam separators and traps
  • Aquasafe® leaves a fresh and clean scent at the traps and throughout the entire evacuation system
  • Environmentally friendly 6 non-pathogenic bacteria provides safe and natural cleaning power
    • AquaSafe® ensures a level of protection that cannot be matched by other evacuation system cleaners that simply mask odors.

Incredibly Economical-256 one-quart treatments per gallon!

AquaSafe® Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic Ultrasonic and Instrument Pre-Soak Solution

AquaSafe® Enzymatic Ultrasonic and Instrument Pre-Soak Solution is a highly effective and compliant enzymatic solution. It cleans blood, tissue, mucus, and other debris from instruments, burs, endodontic files, crowns, bridges dentures, partial dentures and orthodontic appliances. The product also allows for full compliance with EPA requirements by having a neutral pH, utilizing enzymatic action rather than harsh chemicals.

Concentrated and economical, a one-gallon bottle makes 128 gallons of solution.
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