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OSHA & Infection Control Compliance

This training program includes the Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (GHS), CDC Infection Control Guidelines, the Bloodborne Disease Pathogens Standard and all applicable subparts of the OSHA regulations.

This program is designed to help fulfill OSHA’s annual training requirements and allow all trainees to take a post-training online evaluation and print a certificate of completion.

*Online views never expire and always feature the latest version of training.
**No returns on online training.

Complete Program includes:

  • Certificate of training
  • Post training evaluation
  • Training log and summary of training topics
  • Toll-free telephone & online technical support from our OSHA approved trainers
  • Assistance with OSHA inspections
  • Detailed OSHA audit checklist
  • Detailed audit infection control checklist
  • Required/recommended products checklist
  • Comprehensive online training program for 3 individuals (additional views available for purchase) (Dental Only)
  • Comprehensive online training program for 2 individuals (additional views available for purchase) (Animal Health Only)

HIPAA Compliance

This program is designed to train all staff members on the requirements of HIPAA regulations

Privacy, Security, Protected Health Information, “HITECH” Regulations, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, Breach Notification, Record Keeping, Required Documents, Software Requirements, Delegation/Assignment of Duties, Enforcement and Penalties.

*Online views never expire and always feature the latest version of training.
**No returns on online training.

Complete Program includes:

  • Certificate of training
  • Training log and summary of training topics
  • Toll-free telephone and online technical support
  • Assistance with HIPAA inspections
  • Detailed HIPAA audit checklist for your office
  • Detailed security checklist for your IT professional
  • Comprehensive online training program for 2 individuals (additional views available for purchase) (Dental Only)

Pain Management: The Responsibilities and Requirements of Prescribing Schedule II Opioids

This course is designed to educate dentists and dental hygienists on current principles and techniques for the management of pain and the prevention of opioid abuse. Topics and learning objectives include:

  • Definition of pain
  • Types of pain
  • Physiology of pain 
  • Oral facial pain disorders
  • Drugs used to manage pain
  • Prescribing strategies to reduce addiction potential
  • Pain management techniques
    • Local anesthetics
    • Trigger point injections
    • Oral appliances
    • Non-traditional techniques 
  • Opioid awareness, the opioid crisis and addiction
  • Characteristics of individuals with addiction issues
  • Stages of substance abuse and typical behaviors
  • Dental management strategies for addicted patients
  • Post-operative pain strategies
  • Regulatory requirements for prescribers
  • Tools to control fear and anxiety
  • Ergonomics and pain prevention for the dental team
  • New products to manage pain and sensitivity

Course Objectives include:

  • Practices for Pain Management in Dentistry
  • Regulatory Requirements for Prescribers and Dispensers
  • Dental Office Procedures for Managing Vulnerable or Substance Use Disorder Patients

Sexual Harassment in the Healthcare Workplace

Sexual harassment is a type of workplace discrimination and has become a prominent topic of discussion. It is found in all industries with the healthcare industry being no exception. All healthcare professionals should understand how to identify and react to workplace sexual harassment. 

Following the training, attendees will be able to:

  • Define and recognize sexual harassment
  • Understand how to address abusive and unlawful harassment/conduct in the workplace
  • Recognize various legal remedies available for victims of harassment 
  • Establish strategies for prevention and response to harassment
  • Identify policies and documentation required for compliance
  • Understand their role in preventing sexual harassment and that of their supervisors

Course Objectives include:

  • Sexual Harassment Workbook

Human Trafficking, Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness for Healthcare Professionals

It is currently estimated that 27.6  million adults and children are victims of human trafficking. This foundational course will allow healthcare providers to learn about human trafficking and aid them in determining where and why it occurs, as well as how to identify victims and intervene on their behalf.

Following the activity, learners will be able to:

  • Improve awareness and knowledge on the issue of human trafficking
  • Define the types of human trafficking, its venues, and who it affects
  • Recognize the warning signs of trafficking
  • Identify techniques for screening and identification of human trafficking
  • Identify resources for healthcare personnel to report trafficking and provide support to suspected victims

Course Objectives include:

  • Human Trafficking Workbook

Implicit Bias in Health Care

This training focuses on the effects of implicit bias and offers solutions to reduce the risk of implicit bias in health care offices.

Through lecture and discussion, this training will teach trainees:

  • The definition and history of implicit bias
  • The effects of implicit bias on health care
  • How to recognize implicit bias
  • Controversies around implicit bias
  • Strategies to reduce implicit bias in health care offices

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