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You had asked me how my relationship with Compliance Training Partners has benefited both me and the offices I call on. Here are my top 4 reasons for working with them.

  1. I can provide inexpensive CE and training that is needed for our clients. CTP is always helpful and quick to respond with any need or question. 
  2. CTP helped me grow my territory by training me to be an OSHA expert. Over the years, our clients have relied on me for their OSHA needs. From annual mandatory training, to OSHA inspections I have become a local resource. I often have non-Schein clients reach out and request training. This gives me a face to face opportunity with the doctor and staff that I would otherwise not have. 
  3. Many times certain protocols are not being properly followed which brings up a need for the client. I’ve been able to advise and recommend infection control products and even sell equipment from conducting OSHA training. 
  4. Over the past 12 years I’ve conducted annual OSHA training for dozens of our clients. Any time an OSHA question arises throughout the year the CTP office staff is sure to reach out.

- Greg Kovach

One of the best services an FSC can provide for a client, one that adds value and is a huge differentiator is their annual OSHA & HIPAA compliance training! This powerful tool not only provides the required educational compliance for the practice, but creates the opportunity for hours of uninterrupted time with the Dr. and the entire Dental Team!

- Jim Philhower

Former Director of Sales and Leadership Development

I had my conference with the inspector, and I was thoroughly prepared. The inspector ended up decreasing my fine from $20,000 down to $3,000. More importantly I was now of OSHA’s radar-they considered me complaint!

Joe Mirci


I took my office to a Compliance Training Partners seminar. CTP provided us with the required OSHA compliance information in a single session that was interactive and simple to understand.


I would definitely recommend Compliance Training Partners solutions to any healthcare organization or professional as one of the top-notch, quality and accessibility products available.


Compliance Training Partners consultants does an excellent job at effectively covering compliance information and my questions. I was so pleased to find a company that offered high quality, required safety, and regulatory training conveniently online.

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