Help Ensure Your Facility Stays Compliant

With Compliance Training Partners, training programs are designed to deliver genuine interactive content and features to maximize user comprehension in a single source. Train with the best and most experienced medical compliance experts on OSHA, Infection Control, and HIPAA rules and regulations through convenient, easy-to-follow online classes.

Compli™ Med will help your facility effortlessly advance its compliance proficiency by training your entire medical team online and at your pace.

With Compli™ Med You Get Training:

  • Exceptional, Interactive Education Solutions for Your entire team
  • Informative, simple-to-understand material
  • Flexible, convenient training options with fully online programs
  • HIPAA Training
  • OSHA & Infection Control Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse training

With Compli™ Med You Get Support:

  • On-demand, experienced compliance expert support via toll-free phone, email, and online chat
  • Assistance in responding to OSHA and HIPAA inspections
  • Guidance to required and recommended products

With Compli™ Med You Get Oversight:

  • Access to a centralized compliance dashboard for record-keeping of core areas of compliance such as weekly eyewash checks, monthly fire extinguisher checks, weekly spore testing of autoclaves, and more
  • Exclusive access to the Compli™ Medical Office Audit Checklist app, which enables you to do a detailed OSHA, HIPAA and Infection Control review of your entire facility
  • Regional Manager oversight functions
  • Centralized record-keeping of your team’s compliance training certificates

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Compliance Manuals are now Digital with Compli™ Plus

OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Manuals are Required in Your Practice!

Upgrade your Compli™ Med subscription to gain access to digital compliance manuals for OSHA, CDC Infection Control, and HIPAA. Store all required compliance documentation in one centralized location for a low annual fee.

New subscribers also receive complimentary:

  • GHS Hazardous Materials + Bloodborne Pathogens + HIPAA Compliance Wall Charts
  • Labor Law Poster
  • GHS Chemical + Biohazard + Radiation Labels

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