Compliance Training Partners is dedicated to advancing the compliance proficiency of dental health facilities by providing high-quality, efficient and flexible training options to their team members.

We are proud to partner with Synergy to offer you access to advanced compliance training courses that will deliver required information to your office and bring your staff up to speed with the latest compliance regulations – all designed to help your practice remain a safe and healthy environment for both patients and staff.


Order the Compliance Materials You Need For Your Office!

Ready to purchase the items you need to meet and maintain OSHA, Infection Control and HIPAA compliance? Our partnership with Darby Dental allows Synergy members to purchase the items they need at members-only pricing.

Online Compliance Training

Compliance Training Partners’ online training courses provide an easy-to-follow, convenient opportunity for your practice to become and remain in compliance! Each course provides valuable CE credits and counts towards your yearly compliance retraining requirements.

Online HIPAA Compliance Training

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Assure your practice is fully versed in the latest HIPAA requirements! Our online HIPAA Compliance Training Program will help your team gain the knowledge needed to prevent unnecessary legal or operational issues that may arise from failure to understand these requirements. Each participant is eligible to earn 2 CE credits from this course, which covers:

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Online OSHA Compliance and Infection Control Training

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Our online OSHA Compliance and Infection Control Training Program is designed to help your dental team develop a thorough understanding of all OSHA and infection control regulations, and helps ensure that they fully adhere to these requirements. Each team member is eligible to earn 3 CE credits for their participation in the course.

Online HIPAA Compliance Training

The course also includes Infection Control best practices as well as a deep dive into the importance of the daily implementation of these practices by every staff member. The Infection Control section of this course includes:

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Your First Step in Reaching Total In-Office Compliance

Determining your office’s compliance level begins with completing your audit checklist to identify your strong points and those that need a little work.

Additionally, Compliance Training Partners’ online compliance audit checklist will provide you with tips, insights, and product suggestions to help you fill any potential gaps and boost your compliance rating.

We're Here to Help You!

Compliance Training Partners will be your guide to understanding, achieving, and maintaining all things compliance. To order training or for any questions contact us at 888.388.4782 – we’re ready to assist you!

To complete and order through your distributor, please call Compliance Training Partners at 888.388.4782 and have your distributor information and account number available. If you’d like to complete your purchase with a credit card, please close this message, select "No Distributor", and enter your credit card information.
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