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Osha Compliance Program Dental English



Add-ons total:


The comprehensive OSHA Compliance and Infection Control Program covers all aspects of the Occupational Safety and Health Act as well as the CDC Infection Control Guidelines.

Complete Program includes:

  • Complete written training manual with all  required documents
  • Complete Infection Control Program as outlined by the CDC
  • Required written Exposure Control Plan
  • Required written Hazard Communication Plan
  • TB Compliance Program
  • Workplace Violence Program
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Compliance
  • Sexual harassment policy requirements
  • Flash drive containing  all OSHA pertinent regulations and CDC Infection Control Guidelines
  • Comprehensive online training program for doctor and staff
  • 3 CEUs for 3 individuals after exam completion (Dental Clients Only)
  • Assistance with OSHA Inspections
  • Toll-Free telephone and online technical support
  • GHS Hazardous materials wall chart
  • Required Labor Law Poster
  • Upgrade Service (1 year)
  • Required product labels which includes
    • 40   2.5″ x 2.5″  GHS labels
    • 8      4″ x 4″        GHS labels
    • 20   2″ x 2″        Biohazard labels
    • 10    4″x 4″        Biohazard labels
    • 5     1.5″ x 4″      Radiation labels
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