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AQUASAFE® Evacuation System Cleaner



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Bacterial-Based Cleaner is Safe for Equipment, the Environment, and Staff

  • Bacterial-based cleaner provides residual overnight debris removal from cuspidor drains and suction systems
  • Works under all conditions, even in cold water
  • Neutral pH, safe for amalgam separators and traps
  • AquaSafe® leaves a fresh, clean scent at the solid traps and throughout the entire evacuation system
  • Environmentally friendly – 6 non-pathogenic bacteria provide safe and natural cleaning power
  • AquaSafe® ensures a level of protection that cannot be matched by other evacuation system cleaners that simply mask odor

Protection and Peace of Mind

An evacuation system cleaner is essential to safe and effective operation of every dental practice. Regular use of AquaSafe® reduces the presence of disease causing bacteria, offensive odors, and can reduce the chance of system failure resulting in a costly service call and repair.

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